a proven mechanism to provide immunity to the entire family against all sorts of diseases. It can be administered to all people falling under all age groups.

Veratrum Egoistic Lily

This book includes topics like a general introduction of Veratrum plant with an interesting doctrine of signature. More emphasis that one should have a sound understanding of mothers' state during pregnancy, which is known to influence the child's nature and it should be co-related with the present mental state. To make Veratrum interesting to read & easy to understand, added pictorial, diagrammatic & tabular presentation. An evolution of drug on mental & Physical level with cases. This book is included in RADAR encyclopedia, 9 versions.

abc of Homeopathy in Pediatrics

This book is for students and the beginners of Homoeopathy so that they do not face difficulties in pediatric cases. In this book, children diseases are explained in very precise form with its homoeopathic medicines with cases. To make pediatric book more interesting to read & easy to understand, added pictorial, diagrammatic & tabular presentation. Also in it added therapeutics of various children diseases. In this book miasmatic understanding of child & scientific approach to study children remedies is given. Author work will help students as well as practitioners for solving pediatric cases.

Homeopathy in Endocrinology

A book on Endocrinological disorders and their homoeopathic treatment is a good venture of Dr Ronak Shah with the help of well known Endocrinologist Dr Mona Shah. This book has been divided into three parts: a) Endocrinological Diseases, b) Homoeopathic Endocrinal Therapeutics and c) Endocrinal Repertory. The Endocrinal Diseases It includes various glands and its dysfunction. It is supported by various diagrams, flowcharts and protocol for management, tables presented to highlight the text. The Homoeopathic Therapeutics It includes various homoeopathic drugs in endocrinological disorders.

Digestive Problems

Author has shared all his clinical experience of 25 years & abled to extend a useful tool to all homoeopathic students as well as practitioners. In this book topics are explained in three parts a) All common diseases in a precise way, b) Therapeutics on clinical experience. c) Cases. Majority of disease conditions explained in graphical chart for easy understanding of application of remedies. However, constitutional prescription is most reliable rather to give treatment only on pathological symptoms. Author strongly believes that chronic conditions are best tackled by constitutional medicines but sometimes it becomes inevitable to prescribe specifics so we have included therapeutics in detail.

  • Dr Ronak is a great Homeopathy Dr and has been coming to Singapore for over 10years. He is very meticulous and upfront about treating his patients. We as a family have been under his care for over 5 years now and have absolutely zero negative comments. His knowledge is deep with reference to this subject and is also a professor for the same in India. I hope u never do but if u ever have any need, I wld highly recommend for u to consult him.

    Mr Biren Desai Owner of Shreejeet International Pte Ltd President of Singapore Gujarati Society Singapore

  • I have been your patient now for more than 12 years. Your treatments have alleviated numerous common ailments. Colds and coughs, which used to be nearly monthly experience have mostly disappeared and I rarely get them. My ulcers are under control. My fissures are mostly gone and my sleep problems are in abeyance. One has to be patient and persistent. The treatment is effective

    Major General Randhir Sinh (Indian Army retired)
    Rajpipla, Gujarat. India.

  • Dr. Ronak has been instrumental in the good health of my family. My daughter battled with acne and hair loss for a very long time before Dr. Ronak intervened and she made amazing progress. She doesn’t need medication anymore and is doing very well. My son had eczema as baby and it was treated well. The eczema came back many years later and no medication seemed to work. He also had a persistent cough, which, along with his enlarged adenoids were becoming difficult to get rid of. While allopathy suggested surgery for the adenoids, the only medication they have for eczema is steroid based creams. We definitely wanted to avoid both and Dr. Ronak came to our aid yet again. My son is now 17 and doing very well. It’s been years since he had any medication. I started taking Dr. Ronak’s medicines for the increasing number of moles on my face which now have stopped multiplying and seem to have faded over time. I also continue to take medication as part of my post cancer maintenance regime. Other than just dispensing medication, he listens to you and gives you his time. You know you are in good hands when you are treated by him.

    Rose Verghese

  • Hello everyone, my name is Tanuja Shah, and I have really sensitive skin. I suffered from an acute disease called eosinophilia for a very long time . I tried every medication that my dermatologist suggested , until I started taking Mr.Ronak's homeopathy medicine. And it did take a while for me to get back to my normal skin. But I got cured completely. And that's the thing about homeopathy. You have to keep patience, to get the results.

    Tanuja Shah

  • I Thank God that I am blessed with good health & being a Healer I rarely need Medication but yes occasionally whenever needed since last 20years I & my Family prefer Homeopathy Medicine for any of our Ailments to cure. I firmly believe in Homeopathy as it is most effective in all Psychosomatic disease conditions without any side effects. I willing to share 2 experiences . In past my Elder daughter was suffering from severe Jaundice & cured by only Homeopathy without admitted in hospital. & My Younger daughter was suffering from severe skin disease & didn't get cure after taking many Allopathy medication and treatment. Than we have started Homeopathy Treatment with Dr Ronak Shah & she got cured. Thanks to Homeopathy.

    Alpa Mandawat
    Speaker of Spiritual Science & Director of NGO. Vadodara. Gujarat. India

  • Our relation with Dr. Ronak Shah dates back to early 80s. He has been our Doctor for all our medical issues all these years. His passion as well as dedication towards Homeopathy has helped him become a renowned Doctor. His good diagnosis of the problems is his strong-point. He has cured our illness from simple cold and cough to complex issues very effectively over these years. He stands apart from the most Homeopathic commercial minded doctors. We highly recommended Dr. Ronak Shah for any medical issues.

    Mr Harin Juthani & Mrs Purnima Juthani
    CEO- Asia Pacific-Roha Dyechem Pvt Ltd., Dubai

  • I would like to share that I had been your patient since last almost 15 to 20 years approx. And I would specially like to mention that your treatment with homeopathy medicines have worked wonders for me. Only thing I can say to others is one has to trust the Doctor, have faith in the medicine, one should have lots of patience and one has to be very regular in taking the medicine. These four things can make you realise how effective these medicines are and in the end they will bring a smile on your face. I have noticed that you ( Dr. Ronak Shah ) not only treats the patient as a doctor but also treat them with lots of emotional bonding, care and respect. You make us so comfortable and at ease that it becomes very easy for the patient to communicate with utmost transperency and trust. I can proudly say that I took treatment under your supervision and guidance and today I hardly need any medicine. Thank you Ronak bhai for always being there for me and my entire family. Thanks is such a little word but it has a world of meaning and appreciation in it.

    Paritosh Goswami
    Well known Singer & Actor Director of Kalanidhi Trust, Vadodara. Gujarat. India.