Child Health

Ever since the science of homoeopathy was introduced 200 years ago by a German doctor Samuel Hahnemann, it has won praise especially for the treatment of little new-born, neonate, infants and children; of course for variety of reasons. Today there are many pediatricians preferring homoeopathic treatment for their own children & patients in various pediatric conditions. Homeopathy is every child's friend. Children respond to homeopathy amazingly.

Why homoeopathy should be adopted for children:
1. Safe Medicine
2. Effective & Quick Treatment
3. Scientific & Natural Medicine
4. Builds Body Resistance
5. Child Friendly

Efficacy of Homoeopathy:
All health-conscious mothers today must know in which all diseases can homoeopathy help. In reality, it is practically impossible to enlist those innumerable conditions where homoeopathy is found effective. Besides the below-listed conditions as and when required, one must think of homoeopathy for any resistant, difficult disorder.

Some of the conditions may be listed here:

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