Elderly Health

Today, most people don't just want to live long lives. They want to live long healthy lives, or as the old adage put it, "to die younger, as old as possible. Most of us want to add life to years, not just years to life.We all know people who have been very successful at aging - not just the super elders who run marathons, but ordinary people who maintain vital, active lives, even in the face of chronic illness.

Self-Care Tips for anyone wishing to enjoy healthy aging:

  • Watch out for depressed feelings. Get help early. Homoeopathic Medications, psychotherapy, and self-help most often can alleviate depression.
  • Plan for pleasurable activities and events.
  • Learn how to monitor and change negative and pessimistic thinking. Accentuate the positive.
  • Maintain frequent personal contact with five or more friends or family members. Friends can be good medicine.

So the senior and old people tend to have delicate health especially towards the later evening years of life. Their vitality may be feeble, calling for special attention with non-toxic medicines. Homoeopathy offers safe and effective treatment for many diseases more commonly observed in this age group.

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Allergic bronchitis
Chronic cough, allergic cough, smoker's bronchitis
Skin diseases
Cancer (Special control measures in homoeopathy)
Complications of diabetes: Neuropathy, nephropathy (kidney disease), etc.
Cardiovascular disorders
Frequent infections
Alzheimer's disease
Arthritis Arthritis, allergies, Alzheimer's disease, Ankylosing spondylitis
Hormonal problems
Skin disease (psoriasis, vitiligo, urticaria)
Emotional disturbances (anxiety neurosis, depression)
Kidney disorders
Trigeminal neuralgia, etc.

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