Male Health

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Hair loss
Skin disease (psoriasis, vitiligo, urticaria)
Emotional disturbances (anxiety neurosis, depression)
Gastritis, peptic ulcer, ulcerative colitis
Migraine, hypertension
Sexual problems (Ref. ‘Sexual Healing’), etc.

Young executives in today's world are most vulnerable to many diseases than ever before. The executives working in the urban environment are exposed to many factors which make them prone to develop diseases. The major hazards being mental stress, irregular sleep pattern, inappropriate food habits, frequent flying, alcohol, smoking, etc.

Some of the important diseases common in this bracket are:

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Migraine, tension headaches
Hair loss, baldness
Allergic bronchitis
Irritable bowel syndrome
Ulcerative colitis
Depression, frustration
Insomnia, sleeplessness
Skin diseases: Psoriasis, Eczema
Hormonal disorders: Under Active Thyroid

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