Sinuses are chambers beside nose which filter air, maintain temperature and humidity of the inspired air. Sinusitis refers to the infection of these air filled spaces.




·           Allergic response due to inhalation of irritants like pungent vapors, air pollutants, animal dander and dust etc.

·           Upper respiratory tract infection. Spread of infection from nose, mouth, teeth, throat or tonsils. Nasal polyp. Tonsillitis- one of the commonest cause.

·           Infection due to bacteria, viral or fungal.

·           Climatic factors like sudden temperature changes.

·           Swimming in infected water.

·           Traveling by aeroplane during upper respiratory tract infection.

·           Low immunity.

Signs and symptoms:

·           May vary according to type of sinus involved.

·           Pain or heaviness in the forehead and above eyes, tender to touch.

·           Recurrent cough and cold with blocked nose.

If not treated properly, it may lead to chronic sinusitis.


Do’s and don’ts:

·           First make sure it is sinusitis because other problems like asthma, upper respiratory tract infection, tooth problems may appear like sinusitis.

·           Do steam inhalation

·           Avoid cold food and cold drinks.

·           Avoid foods which have preservatives and artificially colours and flavours.

·           Avoid smoking and avoid other environmental pollution if possible.

·           Avoid swimming at unknown places where chances of contamination are more.

·           Avoid air travel during upper respiratory tract infection.

·           Avoid contact with people who have cold or atleast don’t share their towels, silverware and beverages.

·           Always use handkerchief when sneezing.

·           Wash your hand frequently as cold viruses often survive for hours in the open such as doorknobs, money and other surfaces.

·           Regular moderate exercise helps to strengthen your immune system thus prevent cold and other infection. Adequate bed rest.

·           Use warm compresses on your nose to help open sinuses.

·           Do warm water gurgles. Increase intake of warm drinks e.g. soups, milk, tea, etc.

·           Vitamin C, Vitamin A supplements are useful. A healthy diet full of fruits and raw green vegetables help to stimulate secretions and break up sinusitis.

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