With the help of homeopathic medicine, you can stay safe, Healthy and Enjoy Festival in fullest.

Colourful kites filling up the sky is a mesmerising sight. Uttarayan is celebrated across the state with much fun and fervour. But in spite of all the festive frolic, certain incidents can spoil the festive celebrations. Accidents, cuts from the manja, eye-damage from looking into the sky for way too long, skin tan and the list is endless. Remember precaution is better than cure.

A sunburn would be considered to be a first or second degree burn (if more severe) from exposure to the radiation of the sun where symptoms may include redness, pain, swelling, warmth of the affected skin, blisters, general fatigue. Itching, peeling or rash may also occur as the condition develops. To solve this situation, some homeopathic medicine could be taken to ease the pain from sunburns and burns.

For those who are flying kites, “Take proper care of your eyes while flying kites because they are directly exposed to sunlight and UV rays can cause severe damage to your eyes. Wear glares. Parents must ensure that kids don’t play with sticks of torn kites as those are sharp and can hurt one’s eyes. While flying kites, it’s advisable to carry a first-aid kit along to treat small cuts on fingers due to manja.”

Problems related to sun burns or diet are also common during Uttarayan. “Uttarayan is the time when people want to enjoy life to its fullest and order festive delicacies that are oily and spicy. People should avoid consuming readymade food. It’s better to have homemade undhiyu, jalebi or chikki. Avoid farsaans like fafda or cholafari as they are bad for throat (most people are known to shout at the top of their voices while flying kites). Have lots of hot drinks like tea or coffee which are soothing for the throat. Drink lots of water to prevent dehydration. Lukewarm water or green tea are good alternatives to water. If you want to energise yourself, consume chikkis. However, don’t indulge in them too much as they can lead to cough.”

How does one deal with skin problems which can occur after long exposure to sunlight? “Post Uttarayan, we come across clients complaining of suntans and dry skin. To avoid this, apply sunscreen lotion. Those who have oily skin, should apply gel-based sunscreens. Make sure to wash your face every five hours to get rid of dust and oils. Drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated. If the problem persists then seek professional help. Wear a scarf or bandana to protect you from exposure to harsh sunlight.”

So here’s wishing you a happy, healthy and safe Uttarayan.


1. Drink lots of water and hot beverages

2. Apply sunscreen lotion/cream

3. Avoid junk food and undhiyu from streetside stalls

4. Wear sunglasses

5. Keep a first-aid box handy

6. Wear helmet and scarf around your neck, if you are driving bike/scooter

7. Take Homeopathy to prevent ailments before & after utrayan.

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