Dr Ronak is a great Homeopathy Dr and has been coming to Singapore for over 10years. He is very meticulous and upfront about treating his patients. We as a family have been under his care for over 5 years now and have absolutely zero negative comments. His knowledge is deep with reference to this subject and is also a professor for the same in India. I hope u never do but if u ever have any need, I wld highly recommend for u to consult him.
Mr Biren Desai - Owner of Shreejeet International Pte Ltd President of Singapore Gujarati Society Singapore

I have been your patient now for more than 12 years. Your treatments have alleviated numerous common ailments. Colds and coughs, which used to be nearly monthly experience have mostly disappeared and I rarely get them. My ulcers are under control. My fissures are mostly gone and my sleep problems are in abeyance. One has to be patient and persistent. The treatment is effective
Major General Randhir Sinh (Indian Army retired) - Rajpipla, Gujarat. India.

Dr. Ronak has been instrumental in the good health of my family. My daughter battled with acne and hair loss for a very long time before Dr. Ronak intervened and she made amazing progress. She doesn’t need medication anymore and is doing very well. My son had eczema as baby and it was treated well. The eczema came back many years later and no medication seemed to work. He also had a persistent cough, which, along with his enlarged adenoids were becoming difficult to get rid of. While allopathy suggested surgery for the adenoids, the only medication they have for eczema is steroid based creams. We definitely wanted to avoid both and Dr. Ronak came to our aid yet again. My son is now 17 and doing very well. It’s been years since he had any medication. I started taking Dr. Ronak’s medicines for the increasing number of moles on my face which now have stopped multiplying and seem to have faded over time. I also continue to take medication as part of my post cancer maintenance regime. Other than just dispensing medication, he listens to you and gives you his time. You know you are in good hands when you are treated by him.
Rose Verghese, Singapore

Hello everyone, my name is Tanuja Shah, and I have really sensitive skin. I suffered from an acute disease called eosinophilia for a very long time . I tried every medication that my dermatologist suggested , until I started taking Mr.Ronak's homeopathy medicine. And it did take a while for me to get back to my normal skin. But I got cured completely. And that's the thing about homeopathy. You have to keep patience, to get the results.
Tanuja Shah

I Thank God that I am blessed with good health & being a Healer I rarely need Medication but yes occasionally whenever needed since last 20years I & my Family prefer Homeopathy Medicine for any of our Ailments to cure. I firmly believe in Homeopathy as it is most effective in all Psychosomatic disease conditions without any side effects. I willing to share 2 experiences . In past my Elder daughter was suffering from severe Jaundice & cured by only Homeopathy without admitted in hospital. & My Younger daughter was suffering from severe skin disease & didn't get cure after taking many Allopathy medication and treatment. Than we have started Homeopathy Treatment with Dr Ronak Shah & she got cured. Thanks to Homeopathy.
Alpa Mandawat - Speaker of Spiritual Science & Director of NGO. Vadodara. Gujarat. India

Our relation with Dr. Ronak Shah dates back to early 80s. He has been our Doctor for all our medical issues all these years. His passion as well as dedication towards Homeopathy has helped him become a renowned Doctor. His good diagnosis of the problems is his strong-point. He has cured our illness from simple cold and cough to complex issues very effectively over these years. He stands apart from the most Homeopathic commercial minded doctors. We highly recommended Dr. Ronak Shah for any medical issues.
Mr Harin Juthani & Mrs Purnima Juthani, CEO- Asia Pacific-Roha Dyechem Pvt Ltd., Dubai

I would like to share that I had been your patient since last almost 15 to 20 years approx. And I would specially like to mention that your treatment with homeopathy medicines have worked wonders for me. Only thing I can say to others is one has to trust the Doctor, have faith in the medicine, one should have lots of patience and one has to be very regular in taking the medicine. These four things can make you realise how effective these medicines are and in the end they will bring a smile on your face. I have noticed that you ( Dr. Ronak Shah ) not only treats the patient as a doctor but also treat them with lots of emotional bonding, care and respect. You make us so comfortable and at ease that it becomes very easy for the patient to communicate with utmost transperency and trust. I can proudly say that I took treatment under your supervision and guidance and today I hardly need any medicine. Thank you Ronak bhai for always being there for me and my entire family. Thanks is such a little word but it has a world of meaning and appreciation in it.
Paritosh Goswami - Well known Singer & Actor, Director of Kalanidhi Trust, Vadodara. Gujarat. India.

Myself Radhika Goswami want to take this opportunity to thank you for all you have done for me. Your treatment with homeopathy medicines have given me lot of confidence and positivity. Since my case was a bit complicated and had tried all kinds of medicines, it was you whose treatment is making lot of difference. You are not only a doctor but you are like an elder brother to me. You have so much of patience and you are always willing to listen to the patient and thats the best part. Homeopathy medicine has given me a lot and in a very positive way. I will always be thankful to you and will continue to take your guidance and treatment as and when its required. Once again I thank you for being there for us always.
Radhika Goswami - Director of Kalanidhi Trust, Vadodara. Gujarat. India.

I was suffering from allergic rhinitis for many many years. Every now and then I was having running nose, sneezing, headache and some time fever. This would happen anytime but invariably during change of whether. I tried allopathy drugs for this problem but they gave me only temporary relief and for a very short time. There were Also some side effects of the anti allergic medicines which were causing other issues. One of my colleagues then suggested me to consult Dr. Ronak Shah. He told me that his wife had severe allergy to soap and her hands were having eczema because of washing clothes and utensils and Dr. Ronak Shah has cured her hands completely. I then consulted Dr Ronak Shah and started taking his medicines. Though it took some time but I started feeling better and without having any side effects. Gradually the frequency of attacks reduced and now it has almost cured. I have become a homeopathic fan and now prefer to take only homeopathic medicines for all health problems. Thanks to Dr. Ronak Shah for curing my very old and irritating allergic rhinitis and making me healthy without any side effects.
Shri Pravir Lal - Resource Management Head- Sankalp Centre for children with disabilities.

Since many years back I suffered from a very common female disease UTI. I tried Allopathic treatment but it continued to trouble me. The doctor then suggested to get urine culture and drug sensitivity test done. The report suggested that it was sensitive to only a particular drug which can be given through injection only. I took those injections which did cure the UTI for some time but the Injections were very painful. Couple of years later I again developed UTI. I was afraid to take those painful injections. My husband then suggested to try homeopathic medicine. I consulted Dr. Ronak Shah and had very good experience of getting quick relief in my UTI with His homeopathic medicines. I now always take his medicines whenever the problem recurrs and I get fast relief.
Mrs. Kumkum

Its been more than 25 yrs now with our doctor & client relation. The only reason is that the trust I have in Homeopathy and your treatment. There were many serious matters when my child was having severe eczema and after lots of patients we got the results. Dr Ronak’s treatment is really worth and friendly attitude makes you very popular dr. Your achievements, research and experience is showing results now, as you are very popular in India as well as abroad. And that is the reason Dr Ronal is our family doctor for homeopathy. I wish you very best and all success in your practice. Our bonding is not limited as personally and as a client.
Pranay A Goswami - International artist, Vadodara

Dr Ronak has a good understanding of homeopathic medicine and he can go to the root cause if the disease and treats accordingly. There are very few doctors like him. He has been very responsive and supportive to all our queries. We thank Dr Ronak for all the guidance and support.
Mrs Tinky Arora, Singapore

My perception of effective medicine changed in 1994 when I was down with Jaundice. With allopathic medication, I was barely able to recover, but homeopathy not only cured my jaundice, it also helped me recover my immunity. Since then Dr Ronak Shah has been our go to doctor for anything and everything. His patience and perseverance makes him the best in his field. He not only makes you feel positive about the cure, but also follows up till you don’t get cured. I wish there were more doctors like you, Ronak uncle! All the very best and keep curing people sweetly!
Vidhi juthani, USA

First of all I am very thankful to Ronak sir for allowing me in his clinic for learning. This is the most important thing, because we all know that in today's time not everyone shares their knowledge as everyone is busy in their personal gaining. Though I have spend very less time with him as I have joined Krupa clinic just before 3-4 months, but in this short time what I found is , sir's dedication towards homeopathy is immense he is not only teaching us homoepathy but he also teaches that how much you need to be dedicated towards homeopathy and a lot of hard work is required, and how to deal with patients, the art of case taking. He is perfect example of a good mentor having lot of experience. To learn anything first of all you must have believe in it and I get this belief in homoepathy from Ronak sir, the way he is treating patients with variable high and low degree of diseases makes me feel that I should also practice homoepathy. I will always thankful for this and want to learn many more things from sir as I still have lot of time to spend with sir in Krupa Clinic and feeling lucky that sir gave me chance to join clinic at this stage of my life. I am blessed to be a part of this thank you sir for your support.
Jay Shukla, Homeopathic Student (Batch 2020-2021)

"Hello friends" is the welcoming line of Dr. Ronak shah whenever you meet him. I always wanted to learn Homoeopathy since my 12th boards and I was lucky enough to study under him in my UG, PG as well as at his clinic. In Feb,2017, on the inauguration day of Divine Homoeopathic clinic, my journey also began and still continues. He gave me golden opportunity to enhance my clinical knowledge, build good rapport with patients & handling cases on my own during his Singapore clinic visits. I've learned a lot by observing his way of Case Taking, rubric formation & overcoming practical difficulty when reassuring extremely sick patients with sympathy. All these virtues have encouraged me to have my own clinic & lectureship at college. I will end by sharing his words he told me once "Dr. Sejal, consider this clinic as yours and you are free to learn in whatever way you want to" 💐
Dr. Sejal Parsana, M.D. Hom., Sejal Homoeopathic clinic.

I have Worked under assistance of Dr. Ronak shah sir for 3 yrs from 2017-2020. I was in second year when I joined his clinic for me he was equal to parents. He holded my finger from Pharmacy subject and let me get through all the subjects as well taught me core homoeopathic subjects very efficiently. Sir gave me various opportunity in this own private practice which I m grateful for and I express my deep heartening gratitude to him. Professional he is doing very great work and he is very keen in every work. He always Consoles everyone to do their best in field as well as other activities. His philanthropic activities has set an example to society. His school cum trust 'SANKALP' has cherished many budding special kids to a good being. At last I would conclude that dr. Ronak shah is my role model.
Dr. Sagar Assudani, Final Year Student in Baroda Homoeopathic Medical College.

I am taking training under Dr. Ronak Shah. He is not only my teacher but my guide and friend also. He always advices the way we should approach patient so that it leads us to similimum. He always inspires to work hard in order to achieve our goals. His way to get into case and repertorise and also to differentiate drugs at the end of case always helps to learns something new in each and every case. He is always enthusiastic to teach us and solve our doubts . Sir allows us to take total case and corrects wherever we are wrong. Glad to be part of Krupa clinic and HAC which is more like family because of Dr. Ronak Sir and Dr. Sonal Ma’am. Thank you Sir.
Neha Mulchandani - Student 4th BHMS, Vadodara

I have joined the Krupa clinic in November 2018 & still there as an assistant of DR.RONAK.SHAH SIR. It is my privilege to get such a golden opportunity in my life. This is the best platform to get clinical knowledge of homeopathy. Where I learn a lot of things i.e. Case taking, drug selection,& potency selection too. I had seen many acute & chronic case I.e fever, acute pediatric complaint, gastroenteritis asthma, bronchitis allergic rhinitis, ulcer, eczema, psoriasis, behavioral disorders. Sir guided us regarding repertory & also emphasizes doing the practice of rubrics & repertorize the case & yes definitely it will increase our repertory as well as materia medica knowledge. the place where I also learn how to develop a good rapport with patients & it's very important as a homeopathic physician. The best things I ever learned during this time are discipline & patience which most important in this field. There is a very friendly & familiar atmosphere working with him. Thank you, sir, for being my teacher & I am proud to be your student.
Dr. Maulini Patel, Student BHMC Vadodara

I feel very fortunate enough that I got the opportunity to learn from you. Your kindness made me feel welcomed and comfortable. Dr. Ronak Shah sir is an ocean of knowledge. Homeopathy is a wonderful science but tough to practice. But you have made it so simple and clear to us. He has an amazing practising skills. He understands the patients psychology so well and his application of Homoeopathic principles, knowledge of Materia medics and Repertory is just superb and in very transparent, easy and simple way he teaches that to all his students. With the best of a subject knowledge he has very friendly and down to earth nature. He makes out of way efforts to teach us. He always encourage us to learn from mistakes. And the best thing which inspires me is your ever learning artitude. "To teach is to touch lives forever." Thank you sir for motivating and encouraging us. Lots of gratitude to you and to universe that I got the opportunity to learn from you.
Monisha Gor, Consultant Homeopath, Lecturer in Parul Homeopathic college, Vadodara.

I am working as an assistant at Krupa clinic. I have been trained by Dr. Ronak Shah sir. Since last two years, he is bestest teacher as well as best clinician and best senior Homeopath practicing more than 30 yrs at Baroda and Singapore. I have learnt so many things from him . Starting from how to make dose, the art of case taking , selection of drug , potency, how to build up rapo with patients and make them confidence about us and our pathy and so on. He had trained us like father ,friend,philosopher and guide.He always inspire us and make confident about homeopathy by regular lecture, regular HAC workshop and online lecture. A very very thankful to repected sir to give me best chance to learn from your sea of knowledge.
Rajendra Dhaduk - Internship at BHMC, Baroda

I've been training under Dr. Ronak Shah for last 1.5 years. He is an amazing personality and even better teacher. I was also a patient of his since 2 years of age and been treated very well and now I am honoured to work under Dr. Ronak Shah. He motivates us to work harder each day and inspire us by his activities such as online classes, HAC and as a teacher and as a friend. We've learned to take cases, how to use help from repertories, how to handle patients and during his Singapore clinic visit we get to treat patients on our own here which really helps with our confidence. We are really grateful to have such a teacher. We are forever indebted to you sir. Thank you so very much.
Khushboo Vohra - Internship from Anand homeopathic medical college

I joined Krupa clinic in April 2018 & still under training as an assistant . I want to share one moment when I met sir for the 1st time,He told me each student of homoeopathy learns and understands the science but it's very important what we will give to our science. I'm lucky to get a chance to work under him & always motivates and inspires us to worke harder and efficiently learn the homoeopathic in each evey clinic aspect . We have learn how to take case,repotorial aspects of learning and selecting the remedy and even he gives us the chance to handle & treat the patient during his Singapore clinic visit. These built an confidence in ourselves to create a rapo to patients & explore quality to become homoeopath physician.Thank you Dr.Ronak sir for giving guidance and acknowledge us through webinar and Hac and clinical tips and I m proud to be always student of yours.
Swati Parmar, Appearing final exam from Baroda homoeopathic medical College

Dr.Ronak Sir’s Krupa Clinic will always have a very special place in my heart. There I found a new world of knowledge; learning, discussing and hard-work in a welcoming unprejudiced environment. Throughout my time at Krupa Clinic, Dr.Ronak Sir amazed me with his dynamism, enthusiasm and knowledge of Materia Medica and Repertory; radiated warmth, humour and incredible insight into the philosophy of homoeopathy. Dr.Ronak Sir’s Clinics creates a beacon for homoeopathy in Vadodara; it brings homoeopaths together, it acts as a teaching facility for interns and students and it offers to the patients - the highest quality of homeopathic treatment and care.
Dr.Vishwesh Patel

I heard about Dr. Ronak sir from a family member and I still remember the day I met him that spark on his face ,I had decided at that very moment to be like him one day . He first refused to take me as his student as I was a first year student but eventually he agreed seeing my confidence and interest in Homoeopathy. Today am so glad I started interning with him from first year of my college. I have worked with him the longest. I’m more like a daughter to him . Dr. Ronak shah sir is is an amazing guide, mentor, teacher, as well as a great person. Every day he pushed me harder towards my goals and expected a lot from me which keept me motivated and goal oriented, without making me dread working out. I always tell him u have never grow old with increasing age he is getting yOunger and arduous .he is Always energetic and enthusiastic to teach . Students sometimes get bored but I have never seen him getting drained out . He always finds way out . Teaching makes him happy . He gave me perspective, and sometimes made me think about things in a different manner. It was great being advised by him from his immense experience.
Dr Tanupa patel, MD Student (Pune University)

Hello friends, My self Dr.Mohak N Desai Practicing purely homoeopathy at Surat. I joined Krupa Clinic in year 2010-11 as a assistant of dear Dr.Ronak Shah Sir. He has trained me so nicely that today I am practing homoeopathy because of him only. We had learned a lot during the training period. He is a good person and a very nice teacher. Also, during his foreign trips, we got good confidence and exposure. He always boosts up all the students for practicing homoeopathy. During traning, he gave us regular lectures on different medicines. We were learning how to take new cases, how to deal with patients, how to choose medicines, Manual repertory knowledge and computer repertory programs.
Dr.Mohak N Desai

I have known Dr. Ronak both personally and professionally since the past 20 years. It has indeed been very rewarding working under him and experiencing the magic of homeopathy first hand. Dr. Ronak has a very in depth knowledge and understanding of not only the homeopathic principles but also understands the human psychology well. This helps him in prescribing medicine with precision. Confidence and patience during the patient's road to recovery is just another attribute of his which leads to a successful cure. He is a strong proponent of furthering oneself in the field and goes to any extent to enhance his knowledge to continue his development as a true professional. Thank you Dr. Ronak for being my teacher and helping me experience the complete cure which homeopathy so beautifully provides.
Dr. Iram Ahmedi, Dubai
Myself Dr.Hardik Mehta, a student of Baroda Homoeopathic Medical College had an opportunity to become a student of Clinical Training Course run by Dr.Ronak Shah at his Krupa Clinic in the year 2006 - 2007. Dr.Ronak Shah, himself is a sea of knowledge. I was like an empty pond in which he pour his sea of knowledge. I must admit whatever I know about Homoeopathy is just because of him. During a period of 1 year, he taught us round about 90 polychrest drugs as well as about 120 specific drugs. This knowledge still helps me to give a prescription. I work with one of the most renouned trust of Ahmedabad since last 7 years. I was selected to become a part of it, not because I did B.H.M.S., but because I had worked with Dr.Ronak Shah for 1 year. As a person, he is strict like a father and soft like a friend. He taught us everything which is necessary for a clinician. We respect him. We love him. Thanks.
Dr. Hardik Mehta B.H.M.S.
(M) +91 09426594514
During my clinical training, it was amazing to see and learn how successfully Ronak sir treated various patients of acute emergencies like malaria, typhoid, gastroenteritis, bronchitis, and many more. I was allowed to interact with the patients individually for case-taking which instilled great confidence in me. However difficult case might be, he insisted on taking meticulous details of the case and repertorising it which is yielding great results today in my practice. Thank you Sir for everything.
Dr. Sneha Parikh
Myself Dr. Pushpendrasinh Chauhan, I joined Krupa clinic in 2010 n being there as an assistant of Dr. Ronak Shah Sir , I learned so many things from Sir n developed a good confidence in case taking, drug selection and potency too, along with this Sir provided a homely atmosphere to learn n also gave me platform to treat his patients during sir's foreign visits, and due to this, my confidence level build up slowly and today I am having an ample of knowledge of homoeipathic drugs and their application. Sir also teaches Computer reportory specially Radar which is very useful to reach a group of drugs. I am very thankful to Sir that because of him I am differing from all other practitioners.
Dr. Pushpendrasinh Chauhan
Hello, myself Dr. Heena Patel, a consultant homoeopath and naturopath practicing homoeopathy since last 10 years in Akola (M.S). i passed out from Gujarat Homoeopathic Medical College, Savli and then joined Krupa clinic, Baroda for clinical experience under Dr. Ronak Shah. I worked under him for 5 years. it was my privilege to get such an golden opportunity in my life. it was really a turning point in my career. It was such an ease to work with Dr. Ronak Shah. i learnt a lot from him like how to deal with different kinds of patients, how to develop a friendly relation with patients so that it will be easy for case history, how to tackle an acute condition and many more..... The list is endless. There is a very friendly and familiar atmosphere working with him. I am proud to be his student.
Dr. Heena Patel
After finishing my final year BHMS exams in 2003-2004, I was clueless about my career path. I had hardly seen any difficult case being cured using pure homoeopathy concepts. I had good academic homoeopathic knowledge, but was lagging behind on practical skills and was low on confidence. At that time, I had thought about only two career choices. Either to learn allopathy and practice it (half-heartedly) or to take lectureship in any homoeopathic college (i.e. going back to academics). Practicing pure homoeopathy was never on my radar. During this period, fortunately, I got an opportunity to discuss my dilemma with Dr. Ronak Shah. He quickly understood my problem and suggested me to join him as an assistant doctor at his clinic in Baroda. I decided to join him and this was the turning point on professional as well as personal ground. I could actually see complicated or chronic cases being cured successfully by Dr. Ronak Sir using pure homoeopathic concepts. Hundreds of cases were treated and cured in front of my eyes during my tenure at Dr. Ronak sir’s clinic. His ability to use his homoeopathic knowledge and cure the patients with great care and concerns seemed like a miracle to me. Many cases like respiratory disorders, hormonal imbalance, skin diseases, Paediatric diseases, gastro-intestinal diseases and mental diseases have been successfully treated by him till this date. His thorough knowledge about homoeopathy, strong commitment and loyalty to his profession, strong desire to do something about the less-able sections of the society, willingness to learn and share, focus on his goals and benevolence nature made him one of the best homoeopath for his patients, inspiring teacher for many students and great mentor for people like us. His strong desire to do something for less privileged section of the society made him start a centre for Mentally Challenged children in Baroda, which is running successfully with the help of Dr. Ronak Sir’s wife Dr. Sonal Shah. This centre is being run like a trust and not for profit. Dr. Ronak Sir and Dr. Sonal Shah are like parents for many differently able children at this centre. Dr. Ronak Sir has been very active and associated with many medical associations in Gujarat. He has also written many books related to homoeopathy and has been actively involved in various seminars and conferences as a speaker. I have been practicing homoeopathy since last 5 years based on the foundation laid by Dr. Ronal Sir during my initial years. He has been constant source of encouragement and support to me during all these years and has turned out to be my best teacher and mentor. Thanks again and best regards.
Dipali Patil,
I have been attending a course under Dr Ronak Shah since 2010, till date. I must say it is a brilliant course. It has given me a lot of insight regarding case taking and a better understanding of remedies. The best thing about the course is that Dr Shah brings a lot of knowledge from his clinical experience of umpteen years thus we ended up learning a lot more than just the textbook had to offer. His method of teaching is very thorough and informative. I feel more confident in treating my patients knowing that if I get stumped Dr Shah will be willing to guide me further. I must say that it was a very good decision to take up the course.
Sumiti Khosla
Blk 10,#04-01 Kaki Bukit Avenue !
Singapore 417942
The clinical training course with Dr.Ronak Shah was a complete guidance to homoeopathic practice. It was not just learning to repertorize and prescribe the similimum but complete management of a case. I had the opportunity to see the live cases and attend their follow ups too. Was exposed to all sorts of cases from acute paedriatric complaints,fever, boils,ulcers to chronic renal problems,skin diseases, asthma,and even behavioural disorders. Witnessed the complete course of patients recovery starting from first prescription to management , dietary regulation, excercise regime and follow up prescriptions. Got knowledge of the complete management of case which was based on Hahnemanian principles of Homoeopathy. Got acquinted with using Radar for Repertorization. The two thing that helped me the most is confidence in acute cases and managing the follow ups by appreciating changes in patients state of health after first prescription and precise repetition of doses.
Ashwati Vijayan
i would like to share my views on very positive response recieved in my clinical practise as a homoeopath after I had joined your clinical training course in the year 2006-2007. The experience n training recieved is very useful in solving both chronic n acute cases satisfactorily. I also learned the art of case taking which is the most integral part of treatment. The training establises confidence to practise as a classical homoeopathic practitioner which is very important apart fron theoritical knowledge.the reference notes provided are also handy and useful.
Dr.Meghna Ved
Daivik Homoeo Care

Dr Manan Dave, Intern at BHMC vadodara

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